The Karyukai Japanese Tea House is a virtual tea house located in Second Life. The geisha of Karyukai Tea House entertain at  ozashiki or banquets, where the geisha play on traditional Japanese instruments like the shamisen,  perform fan dances, and play party games. The geisha of Karyukai Tea House are true hostesses who will entertain you with traditional Japanese stories, poetry, and discussions about Asian culture. Enjoy a cup of tea or sake while spending a relaxing evening of virtual entertainment.

Karyukai Tea House is the oldest Japanese tea house in Second Life. We strive to provide virtual entertainment that is both artistic and educational. You can experience many interesting and diverse activities in our tea house. We specialize in Japanese folktales from the Edo era and poetry from famous Japanese poets like Basho. We have fun parties where we play games and chat about current events. We celebrate traditional Japanese holidays like Setsubun and Obon. Every week is different at Karyukai Tea House so be sure to stop by and visit so you won't miss out on all our fun events.

Karyukai Tea House Hours:

Thursdays at 6 p.m. Pacific

Special shows and events are posted in our group. Please join the Karyukai Tea House group in Second Life for event listings.

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